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Fine and Commerical artist with a passion for storytelling and interactivity. I love to produce full bodied productions. Design must follow function & function must serve the purpose of a message. I have studied form, color, light and shade for 20 years. My mediums are graphie, oil, pixels & hex-code.

function create (e:process) : void
  design.outOfBox = formFunction;
  site.wireframe = mobilized;
  user.interface = standardPractices;
  design.follow = userExperience;
  digital.native = interactionDesign;

Interactive Designer

function build (e:construct) : void
  interactive = flash.AS3;
  engaging = AS3.Xbox-Kinect;
  mobile = html5.jQuery;
  newTechnology = tabletApp;
  goals = pointOfInterest;

Interactive Developer

I work to Get Paid, Not Played

I support the campaign to end client nonpayment. I support the Freelancers Union's who are working from every angle to make sure freelancers get paid.

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I support...

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act (S4129/A6698) would: Grant freelancers the same wage protection as traditional employees. Require the Department of Labor to pursue freelancers' unpaid wages. Hold deadbeat executives personally liable for up to $20,000 and jail time.

I am not a slave I don't work for free

I support the antispec campaign. I support not working out side of a contract with escrow provided up front and legally binding payments terms worked out. Conversations held outside of billable hours for deliverable work is considered a consultation and is subject to a consultation fee.

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What is spec work?

Spec work - crowdsourcing - spec competitions

Working on spec is when a single designer or agency design for free in the hope of winning a project.


If you need to test this is fair

Tests & Samples or "Something like it"

Work done "Just so you can see" is Spec Work. Designers and Developers have a "Portfolio" for clients to look through to gain an understanding of our capablities.

You will more likely "NOT" find something like what you are looking for in a portfolio. It is only through your hiring a desinger & paying them that you will work with them to create your project that does not yet exsist.

Tests are the same. Sample work done, "just to see" how the Designer/ Developer works.