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I am a designer who loves to code and I am a developer with a design sense. As well, I am a digital native. I am these all at the same time.

Danii Oliver Speaks at BlogWorld New York

"Blogging to Help Business SEO"
by Danii Oliver from DAMN Digital Studio was presented as part of the Social Media Business Summit at BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012.
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Technology Blogger

I work to Get Paid, Not Played

I support the campaign to end client nonpayment. I support the Freelancers Union's who are working from every angle to make sure freelancers get paid.

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I support...

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act (S4129/A6698) would: Grant freelancers the same wage protection as traditional employees. Require the Department of Labor to pursue freelancers' unpaid wages. Hold deadbeat executives personally liable for up to $20,000 and jail time.

I am not a slave I don't work for free

I support the antispec campaign. I support not working out side of a contract with escrow provided up front and legally binding payments terms worked out. Conversations held outside of billable hours for deliverable work is considered a consultation and is subject to a consultation fee.

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What is spec work?

Spec work - crowdsourcing - spec competitions

Working on spec is when a single designer or agency design for free in the hope of winning a project.


If you need to test this is fair

Tests & Samples or "Something like it"

Work done "Just so you can see" is Spec Work. Designers and Developers have a "Portfolio" for clients to look through to gain an understanding of our capablities.

You will more likely "NOT" find something like what you are looking for in a portfolio. It is only through your hiring a desinger & paying them that you will work with them to create your project that does not yet exsist.

Tests are the same. Sample work done, "just to see" how the Designer/ Developer works.



Fine and Commerical artist with a passion for storytelling and interactivity. I love to produce full bodied productions. Design must follow function & function must serve the purpose of a message. I have studied form, color, light and shade for 20 years. My mediums are graphie, oil, pixels & hex-code.


Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Web Designer, Interactive Designer, Interactive Production Designer, Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Flash/Flex Developer, Interactive Developer, Front End Web Developer, Interactive Producer, UX / UI Designer, Digital & Social Media Strategist


I'm a geek. I love code. Actionscript 3, jQuery, give it to me and I'll bring your production to life. HTML 5 is all the craze over Flash these days but I have a solid understanding of markup, CSS and object-oriented C-like langages such as JavaScript, jQuery, Actionscript and JAVA. I build for Android, iOS, and Blackberry on AIR, a single platform for many devices.